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Examples of Calculations. The “Silo Towers for Coke Nuts” Project

Inspection of silo constructions capacitance, built based on a standard project, was held. Under continuous operation destruction of the silo walls happened. The aim of the work was to determine the causes of structural damage and development of structural reinforcement.

To achieve these goals, the following work was provided:

– reliability of the used silo constructions was evaluated, based on available publications,

– the cases of accidents and silo constructions damages were analyzed,

– the existing regulations on the silo design, including specification of current loads, were reviewed,

– silo analytical model was estimated,

– damaged silo project analysis was made,

– technical inspection of constructions, including identification of existing damage and finding the cause of damage was held,

– static analysis of constructions was made,

– a strain-stress state of the main constructions was determined,

– a scheme for constructions strengthening was developed and elements sections were identified, measures to ensure long-term operation were developed.

The surveying revealed that the silos were designed with a sufficient margin of safety. An insufficient protection against corrosion in aggressive environment caused the emergency situation. Project design of a precast units hairline joint didn’t provide sufficient protection against corrosion. According to the results of calculation the design of strengthening using carbon fibers to reduce the possibility of corrosion was chosen.

Strengthening was held, silos operate properly.

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