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Inspection of Constructions

Surveying of buildings and constructions

Surveying is a difficult and responsible work, which lays the basis for an accurate specification of technical condition of buildings and structures, construction damage or fault rate, possibility of increasing loads etc.

Various goals may be achieved through surveying, such as:

  • determination of a fault rate and possibility of a construction collapse;
  • constructed building design compliance with the current design regulations and manufacturing operations;
  • definition of construction materials physical characteristics;
  • analysis of deformation causes;
  • modeling further construction operation.

We have developed corresponding surveying methodology. The main difference between our techniques and the existing ones is that the calculations are made during an inspection. Static or dynamic calculations are made in some cases, including a spatial model. Calculation may be considered as a good one if it explains the formation of cracks and large deformation. GIS technology and other present day methods of investigation are used in our methodology.

Surveying procedure of buildings, built on subsiding soils

Surveying the buildings, it is necessary to determine fields of soil subsidence watering. We have developed certain methods of searching areas of watering on vertical precipitation of a surrounding area. This technique is often used and has proven its effectiveness. Certain dimensions of a watering area can be given as background information for determining the stress-strain state of building structures.

Single-story and multi-story buildings with concrete core survey procedure

We have studied the built-up concrete elements, made in Zaporozhye based on some standard series that laid a basis for the frame constructions. We have analyzed the results of previously conducted tests of structures and existing damages during operation. The main types of damages were discovered; including those appeared from foundation non uniform deformation.

Based on a detailed analysis of damage, definition of real strength of materials, tools of nondestructive testing usage and calculation of stress-strain state (SSS) we have developed a methodology of surveying. The main feature of our surveying methodology is definition of a VAT framework, taking into account structure damage, comparison of the calculated deformations with the existing in reality, and management of a detailed surveying in places with considerable deformation. When changing loads and modeling deformation based foundation impact additional structural analysis is made and based on it a report on the further operation is prepared.

Frameless panel, modular and monolithic buildings surveying methodology

Based on numerous surveys and analysis of typical projects, structures weak points and the most common damages were found out. Specific destruction of constructions was found out as a result of non-uniform deformation and weather impact. The results of completed earlier structural tests were analyzed. Calculations of lift slabs considering specific damages were made.

On the basis of these studies, a typical frameless buildings surveying methodology was developed. The necessary reinforcement of constructions is determined based on the calculations of adequate computational models.

Brick buildings surveying methodology

Our methodology of stone buildings surveying allows to assess the existing cracks reasonably.

Determining the actual strength characteristics of masonry using modern non-destructive control tools allows to assess objectively the reliability of the further operation and the need to strengthen constructions.

If it is necessary to set up opening while reconstruction, a surveying of the walls and special calculations are made, based on which necessary opening frame is chosen.

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