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Inspection by a Quadrocopter

Quite often our company faces the issues of high-rise buildings or inaccessible constructions remote inspection. In our working experience we have dealt with constructions of the Eiffel Tower height (300 meters) and historically valuable, when it is impossible to survey those involving climbers, taking into account a possibility of facade damaging.

But we have found a proper solution –UAV (air drone) usage.

Quadrocopter is another type of such devices – radiocontrolled helicopter with 4 rotors (from Greek “quattro” – four). Along with hexacopters and octocopters this type of aircrafts is a part of a multicopter family (hereafter – copter).

It allows to survey constructions of any height from a close proximity and with a minimum distance of 3 meters. A construction suspension attached to a copter, that stabilizes a camera for shooting a high-definition video, allows to get the absence of a frame jitter effect on a footage and image blur during sudden copter maneuvers even with a big wind gut.

So what objects can be investigated by a copter? For example:

  • tanks, such as sewage treatment plants
  • facades of historical sites
  • periodical photofixation of objects under construction
  • inspection of construction sites and pipelines damage
  • inspection of inaccessible objects such as pylons of built bridges, water gates and dam body
  • monitoring engineering status of OHPL
  • aerial photography of general plans for the further detailed study

The camera allows you to get high-quality photos and videos, which are to be used later for analysis of engineering status of constructions.

Also, optional, in addition to the report CD (DVD) is provided that contains all the videos and photos regarding the given object.

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