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Thermovision Inspection

What is energy efficiency?

This is particularly efficient and economical use of energy resources. At the present time the concept of rationality and efficiency is becoming increasingly important, as the heating bills are constantly rising. For private apartment buildings, individual apartments and public buildings this problem is solved first of all by walling warmth-keeping, windows replacement, modernization or replacement of heating systems.

A little bit about warmth-keeping. Nowadays there are many such offers on the market. There’s also a set of construction materials for warmth-keeping work. However, if someone relies on his own knowledge very often, it is possible for him to spend large amount of money and not get a desired result. Also performing modernization of a building, microclimate of housing can be changed, which will lead to a deterioration of a space operation. This happens because warmth-keeping is also a science, and it starts with surveying, namely, thermovision inspection of constructions.

What is thermovision inspection?

It is a construction surface surveying using special equipment – a thermovisor. The thermovisor allows you to see infrared radiation of objects, so you can see the defects that are inaccessible to a human sight:

  • thermal bypass;
  • areas of constructions and materials high humidity;
  • warmth-keeping and finishing defects;
  • heating system and ventilation defects;
  • loose construction abutting, cracks and so on.

All these defects have a significant impact on energy costs, overall design and indoor climate.

Our company performs works on thermovision inspection using modern equipment from Germany. Residential homes, apartment buildings, public and industrial buildings, as well as separate facilities and structures can become objects of inspection.

What does thermovision inspection give you?

The thermovisor shows you the actual state of constructions, which cannot be assessed visually. This equipment, recording the heat radiation of objects, displays construction temperature values in each point of the surface.

After analyzing the information that was gathered, we point out the most significant places of heat loss. Also, having considerable experience in the field of surveying and design, we give you recommendations on elimination of detected defects.

Experience shows that the right solution on warmth-keeping is not always obvious, we will give you an opportunity to cut down expenses, managing warmth-keeping wisely.

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